2021 Project Threadways Symposium

Join us virtually on April 17, 2021, for our annual symposium where we will explore the deep connection between material culture and making across time and place. 

Textiles across time and place

The theme of the 2021 symposium—“Textiles Across Time and Place: Examining a complicated past to create a more sustainable future”—places the story of textiles in our community in to a broader context by providing an overview of the timeline of textile history in the United States from the indigenous people who inhabited this area and the fibers they grew through the cotton economy of the antebellum south leading up to the Reconstruction era, sharecropping, and tenant farming. It also maps out the geography from the northeast corridor down through our region, highlighting the once-thriving textile cities and towns.


Symposium speakers will focus on the geography of textiles, material culture, sustainable fashion, and clothing of the enslaved. The list of speakers includes Carrie Barske-Crawford, Jessamyn Hatcher and Thuy Lihn Tu, Dana Thomas, Katie Randall, and Kate Knowles.

Schedule of Events

SATURday, April 17, 2021

Schedule of events to come….

Topics of Discussion

A closer look at the symposium presentations.

Material Culture Across Time

with Carrie Barske

The Future of Fashion

with Dana Thomas

Clothing of the Enslaved

with Katie Knowles

The Geography of textiles

with Jessamyn Hatcher and Thuy Linh Tu

Oral histories Presentation

with Katie Randall

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